Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps



Our handmade soaps are made from Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter and Essential Oils. There is no Palm oil, no ph balancing chemicals, no synthetic preservatives and no thickeners and fillers.


Lavender – Using natural pink clay and lavender buds to create interesting layers and produce a lovely aromatic and calming soap

Floral – A combination of lavender, ylang ylang and clary sage essential oils come together to give a well balanced combination of high, medium and low tones. One for the girls though.

Citrus – Lemon, lime and orange essential oils come together to give a fresh, zesty and sweet aroma of high notes that will wake you up anytime.

Ylang Ylang & Pine – The combination of Ylang Ylang & Pine, both high notes & low notes respectively combine to create a lovely mid tone of flora & Forest, suitable for both male and females, good for hands, body or face.

Cedar wood & Pine – This combination of woody scents is both refreshing and awakening at the same time as relaxing in reminding you of the great outdoors. A good choice for gents

Tea Tree & Eucalyptus – The scents in this combination are refreshing and invigorating whilst the crushed almond shell is exfoliating. After using this combination you will feel wide awake and as though you’ve just had a deep clean.

Kitchen – A Coffee and orange essential oil combination, as the title suggests, great for removing odours from the hands after preparing certain food stuffs.

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